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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Swedish Model is Evil

The ”Swedish Model” - it is world-renowned. All too many advocates of the welfare state the world over urge us to emulate Sweden. Sweden is lavished with praise for being the one single country which first entered upon that proverbial “golden middle road”. The famous married couple of Social Democrat intellectuals, Gunnar and Alva Myrdal - are the individuals reputed to have coined the term – “The Middle Road”. That road is supposed to be the utopian compromise which is imagined by the Social Democrats to exist in between capitalism and Communism.

Incidentally, it is a testimony to the nature of the child-rearing skills of Social Democrat intellectuals that Gunnar and Alva Myrdal together sired that vicious Communist intellectual, Jan Myrdal. The latter is notorious, in Sweden at least, for singing songs of praise to such moral monsters as Mao Zedong and Josef Stalin. And he is even famous/notorious for lauding praise on - get this - Pol Pot! Right at the very time that this mass-murderer was at the height of his power in Cambodja, and was beginning to come under attack even from Sweden´s  remaining Communists, Jan Myrdal proved his “heroic integrity” by toughing it out and defending Pol Pot to the bitter end (Jan Myrdal lost the support of most of his treasured “groupies” - those naïve “idealists” who remained teenagers-in-spirit even after turning twenty - as his reward for that display of “integrity”.) But I digress.

The Social Democrats themselves have always said that capitalism is evil? Have they not? And nowadays at least, the Social Democrats concede that Communism is evil also? Do they not? Well - if the Swedish Model is a middle of the road between two different forms of evil – according to its own defenders – then what does that say about the moral status of the Swedish Model?

I will proceed to tell you exactly what I think of the Swedish model. It reeks to high heaven! The Swedish Model is the vilest form of radical evil. This idea of mine will, I am sure, give rise to ringing guffaws of laughter on the part of many of the readers of this blog. But I know, nevertheless, that I am in fact right. And that I do stand a fighting chance of showing at least the more honest of my readers that I am right, if I tell the tale of exactly what happened when the Swedish Model came close to destroying my own personal life.

The essence of what happened to me is that the Swedish Model made me so distraught, when I was a teenager, that I went literally insane. Literally insane. I was in fact actually committed to a mental hospital (Ulleraakers outside of Uppsala, to be specific) for the entire summer of 1972, and for the entire entirety of the year 1973. My diagnosis was schizophrenia - which illness is perhaps the gravest form of psychosis. The following is my story:

I was born in Stockholm in 1954. My father was a bank clerk and my mother was a housewife. When I was five years old (i.e. in 1959) my father was offered the opportunity to work in the U.S.A., in order to sell Swedish industrial products (such as, for example, specialty steels and mining products) on the North American market. My father seized the opportunity. For he realized that this was his big chance to move forward in his career, and to “go places”! So in 1959 he moved to America. And he took me, my mother and my sister with him. For eleven, mostly happy, years all of us lived together in the suburbs of New York City. My father worked in an office in a skyscraper on Manhattan.

So I was blessed with the wonderful privilege of getting to grow up in the freest and most rational society in the world at the time – the United States of America. Instead of having to go through the agony of growing up in that cultural cesspool which is modern, egalitarian Sweden – the society which is - “The Royal Swedish Envy´s Beloved Sewer” - in my mind´s eye. That is what I like to call Sweden. I think that verbal shoe fits the country which I have the misfortune to live in nowadays, so to speak.

So you see - I detest my own country of birth, modern Sweden. And I admire the county of my choice, the U.S.A. I did not myself choose to move to the U.S.A. when I was five old, of course. I was just lucky. But my values are now such that I would choose to move to the U.S.A any time, at the very moment that I got the chance. I have in fact tried a few times. But, it turned out, that I was unable to get a Green Card. 

So I am proud to be able to say (I regard this as an honor) that in some ways I am just like my all-time favorite heroine, Ayn Rand – who detested her country of birth, Russia. She, like me, also admired the country of her choice - the U.S.A.! For Ayn Rand used to say that she was “An American who happened to be born in Russia". Well, I can honestly say that I am an American who happened to be born in Sweden (of all rotten places!).

I was happy during my idyllic childhood in the U.S.A. When I think back and dream about my first four magic years “over there”, I like to picture them as “the Golden Age” of my life. For the U.S.A. had that healthy kind of culture which is so rare these days – a culture in which everybody and his brother took it for granted that life was full of wonderful opportunities (they were supposed to be around every corner - and most of us Americans actually believed that), that it was right to value one´s own personal happiness and that (we thought that no one could fail to realize this "obvious" fact) ultimately it was up to you to determine whether or not you made anything of yourself. And that you should have a dream. And that you should, indeed must, “go for” that dream - whatever it was. My own personal dream was to become a scientist when I grew up – but it turned out that I came to suffer heartbreak instead.

For in the year 1970 my luck changed for the worse. I was sent back to Sweden.

To be taken from the relatively healthy American culture, and instead to be immersed in the Swedish welfare state – that was like being thrown into a vat of ice-cold water! It was a shock! It felt awful.

What was it that was so wrong with Sweden? It could be summarized very briefly in Ayn Rand´s observation that Sweden is the society which a fortiori is characterized by “hatred of the good for being the good”. This observation´s meaning is that the majority of the Swedes, due to the influence of their sick culture, are such depraved creatures who hate those very things which they themselves evaluate as being good in some major way. So these subhuman creatures will think along the line “This man´s superlative intelligence is a wonderful thing. It impresses me. Therefore I really hate this guy. I really want to hurt him!”

Most Swedes think that money, for example, is a major value. They think that money is something well worth having. For the majority of Swedes sure want to have a lot of money themselves - do they not? Well, the heady sales statistics of the government monopoly on lottery tickets sure argues that they do. But – those very same Swedes despise and spit upon those individuals who succeed at making lots of money! With the exception of the lucky bastards who win a few cool millions on a lottery ticket.

A Swedish businessman who manages to make a fortune by means of working hard to build up a productive business is, virtually without exception, persecuted and harassed by the mass media and by the tax authorities. And the Swedish masses - most of its members that is - cheer whenever the taxman succeeds at “nailing”, and ruining, the life of some unfortunate millionaire. Many times while eating lunch I personally overheard my workmates at the factory I used to work in gloat over the fate of the  latest “wealthy bastard” who “had got his”. It was a routine occurrence. I kid you not. Many Swedish workers are like that. They exhibit schadenfreude.

Well, what is the difference between a wealthy businessman who was burned at the stake, figuratively speaking, in front of a jeering crowd of the envious Swedish equivalents of America´s Joe Sixpacks - and an equally wealthy lottery winner who goes free? The difference is simply that the businessman earned his money - whereas the dude who just happenes to win a few cool millions on a lottery had merely gotten lucky. So you see – all too many of my countrymen hate anyone and everyone who prove themselves to possess moral virtue. That is the issue here. Those vermin in human bodies hate whichever men whom they notice are morally good - or whom, at least, they notice are better human beings in some way than they themselves have cared to make themselves!

Another luminously clear example of this phenomenon (i.e. the phenomenon of “hatred of the good for being the good”) can be found in the Swedish education policies. Sweden´s children are not supposed “to learn at their own pace” as the former Minister of Education – and the idol of Sweden´s Social Democrats - Olof Palme, famously put it. For then some children would learn more, and learn it faster, than others! So the best and brightest of Sweden´s schoolchildren are to be deliberately frustrated and hindered from learning! They are to be dumbed down in order to achieve that "wonderful" value which is called "equality". The brightest minds are to be stunted on purpose! All because the most of the “masses” of Sweden - and most of the intellectuals too - hate and resent any individual who shows signs of possessing unusual intelligence and ambition! (Those intellectuals are, of course, the source of the corruption of those masses.)

Incidentally, Sweden´s Social Democrats hero-worship this moral monster Olof Palme - who wished to torture his own voters´ children (!) and who did little to hide that fact from them - in a similar way that many “modern” Americans hero-worship that power-luster J.F.K. In addition to this parallel, there is also the parallel that both Olof Palme and J.F.K. “benefitted”, as far as their “reputation amongst their posterity” goes, from their otherwise tragic fates as martyrs. Becoming victims (of assassination) boosted their reputation among posterity. 

When I found myself right in the middle of this disgusting filth immediately after my return to Sweden from the U.S.A. I began to feel absolutely miserable! It was the worst period in my life. It was sheer hell. The only reason that I did not attempt to commit suicide was that I lacked the willpower – for I was so egregiously passive and depressed! Just two short years after my return to Sweden I had become almost like a vegetable.

In fact, my sister Sophy has told me many times over the years after I recovered from my psychosis, that she was rather embarrassed to be seen with me at the time - because all her friends would ask her (behind my back, so to speak) “What kind of dope is that brother of yours on?”. For my facial expression and my demeanor were so “wooden” that people who saw me on the tramway with my sister actually thought that I must be high on some kind of narcotic drug! They mistakenly took my psychosis to be a drug habit!

I felt that I was surrounded on all sides by a "vile and pernicious" evil. I could not explain it. I was only sixteen years old. So I could not fathom it. I was a philosophic illiterate when young. For all this happened roughly ten years before I found my rescuer – Ayn Rand and her philosophy of reason.

I felt in my bones that I lived in a hostile, malevolent and threatening universe. I was in such a bad condition that just two short years after my return to Sweden I was committed to the mental hospital just outside Uppsala, called Ulleraakers Hospital, with the diagnosis schizophrenia. The Swedish model had, literally, turned me into a certified psychotic!

And I am not making this up. I still today, 45 long years afterwards, must take anti-psychotic neuroleptika every day. If I ever forgot to take my medicines (which I never do) for a long enough period of time, I might have a relapse. Although I sure as hell make a point of remembering to take my medicines. For I sure as hell so not want to have a relapse! The reason for this being that "I have been there” – i.e. I know what it is like to be psychotic. I would probably prefer to be castrated rather than to lose my mind again. And I mean that. I regard those Swiss drug companies who invented the first anti-psychotic medications way back in the 1950s as wonderful benefactors.  

And there is much, much more which I can say about the depravity of the Swedish model. I can point out that Sweden soon after the end of the Second World War began to aspire to the role of being the world´s “Moral Superpower”.

But – what was the source of the Swedish Model´s seemingly impressive economic success during the 1950s and the 1960s? 

The answer is – the blackleg policies which Sweden pursued during the Second World War. 

Sweden was, as everyone knows, never invaded by Nazi Germany. Of course not! Why would Hitler go to the trouble of invading Sweden? Those “practical-minded” Swedes collaborated with the Nazis willingly anyway! Almost exactly 52% of all the iron ore which the Nazi war machine consumed during the war came from Sweden. Hitler´s tanks, cannons, battleships, etc – they all were manufactured largely from Swedish iron ore! So – as a result of its economic cooperation with the Nazis - Sweden had an economy which was in much better shape at the end of the war than that of any of its major competitors - with the single important exception of course, of the U.S.A.

For many of Sweden´s industries had been favored with packed order books during the entire war. And not a single one of Sweden´s factories had been laid in ruins by the fighting. For none of the fighting had taken place in Sweden! Great Britain, France, Germany - their industries lay in ruins at the end of the war. But Sweden´s factories were intact. So Sweden´s private industry had an enormous competitive advantage when the reconstruction began after the end of the war. 

Now, this relatively robust private sector proved able to carry on its back the burden of the parasitical welfare state, which became hearier and heavier as it was being built up by the Social Democrats during the first two decades which followed the end of the war. It was not until the late 1960s that this sham of a pretense and self-deception began to self-destruct.

It should be noted that Sweden´s Social Democrat Party had a majority of the seats, all by itself, in both chambers of the Swedish Parliament during the war years 1940-1944. You can look that up in the history books. I have. So it was the Social Democrats alone who bore the primary responsibility for the shameful blackleg policy which had kept Sweden out of the war! 


After the end of the war the Social Democrats began to demonize the U.S.A.! In other words, the Social Democrats had the temerity to demonize that very nation which had saved Sweden from both Nazism and Communism. Those Yankees sure as hell received no gratitude from the Swedish Social Democrats for their heroism, and for their foolish generosity! All they received was a figurative slap in the face. Nay - a knee in the crotch! 

Of course, if it had not been for the U.S.A´s willingness to fight the Nazis during the war - and to at least block the otherwise unprotected road into Western Europe beckoning the Soviet Communists after the war - Sweden would today probably be a vassal state. Either a vassal of Nazi Germany or of the Nazis´ partner-in-crime, the Soviet Union. Which - say I - would merely have served them, i.e. the majority of my countrymen, right!

So the Swedish Social Democrats – the creators of the Swedish Model – sure knew how to go about turning themselves into a pack of ungrateful swine! And how to go about turning themselves into world champion hypocrites!

So you see – the source of the good reputation of the Swedish Model is actually a disgraceful chapter in Sweden´s history.

And what about that famous, much talked-about “solidarity with the weak”? 

Well – if we are to speak of the “weak” - what about all those unfortunate victims of lobotomies? During the 1940s and the 1950s, many, many hundreds of mentally ill Swedes were lobotomized – without their own consent, of course! And many of those unfortunates were crippled, literally, as a result of this “beneficial medical procedure”. JFK´s sister, Rose (who, to be sure, was not lobotomized in Sweden - but still), was never even able to go to the bathroom again without assistance after her lobotomy in the early 1940s. Between 2% and 18% of those who were lobotomized, died as a direct consequence of that operation (often from heavy bleeding in the brain). Today, many textbooks use the lobotomy procedure as a concrete example of bad science and bad medicine! 

So - how in the world could all this hurting of innocent people happen in that “civilized” country, which modern Sweden is widely believed to be an example of?

A likely explanation is that the reason so many Swedes were lobotomized without their consent was precisely the Swedish Model! Specifically, it was the fact that the mental hospitals were all financed by a means which was based on “solidarity”. For the mental hospitals in Sweden were financed with tax money. It was the government which paid the enormous bill for keeping alive all those many thousands of psychotics who were kept in the mental hospitals of the time. 

Before the lobotomy procedure came onto the scene, there were no effective treatments for psychoses which were deemed to be effective and reliable. So, any unfortunate individual who developed a psychosis in those days would often have to live the rest of his life in an institution! And it goes without saying that this must have caused the “public treasury” tons and tons of tax money. The vast army of psychotics vegetating in the mental hospitals at the time, constituted a major economic drain on “the public”.

But towards the end of the 1930s, a new method for treating psychoses appeared – the lobotomy! This treatment seemed to work on many psychotics. To be sure – many patients died as a result of the procedure. And to be sure – many more were crippled for life as a result of it. But some patients, at least, seemed to benefit from this new treatment! 

So the lobotomy procedure seemed to be a promising means of emptying the mental hospitals of the economically burdensome army of psychotics. There was, obviously, an opportunity to save tons upon tons of tax money here! And you know how politicians typically behave when they feel that they are hard-pressed to save tax money? They will do some of the craziest things imaginable to save a buck! You know they will, don´t you? 

So it stands to reason that the widespread and rapid adoption of the morally questionable lobotomy procedure in Sweden (as well as over the entire rest of the world) was a political decision, not a medical one. Saving tax money was more important than looking after the interests of the patients. That is how socialized medicine works. You can read more about the lobotomies here - .

What more can I say about the Swedish Model´s depravity? Well, I can easily demonstrate that those many Swedes who support it are beyond the moral pale. I worked for roughly 34 years, up until the end of 2009, as a factory worker in order to make a living. And I heard with my own ears what one of the favorite discussion topics was, whenever my fellow factory workers discussed politics during the lunch and the coffee breaks. The favorite subject of discussion was – “distribution politics”. That is the name, in Sweden, for the combination of tax and handout policies which directly affect how much money the wallets of the citizens come to contain. Distribution politics is a filthy business – sort of like emptying bedpans or cleaning latrines!

And most Swedes adore it! My workmates´ litanies over the injustices they perceived in the current “distribution politics” of the society they lived in was never-ending. Those “rich people” never paid enough taxes according to my workmates. And my former workmates never stopped complaining about how unfair it was that the foreman at their own workplace, or the doctor at the nearest hospital, or the neighbor across the street, made more money than they themselves did. It was always unfair when somebody else made more money than they did. But on the other hand - it was never a problem worth mentioning when the apprentice or the janitor at their own workplace made less money than they did!

And my workmates never grumbled even a teensy-weensy bit about the Swedish education policies. The well-known fact which was that Sweden´s children were not learning even to read and write properly in the public schools – that did not seem to bother my workmates at all. For they never even mentioned the subject! And this despite the fact that many of them were themselves parents at the time, with kids of their own in school!

And get this - I literally cannot recall a single occasion on which the subject of the deplorable state of education was even brought up at my workplace during all the 34 years during which I worked in Swedish factories! I kid you not. Their own kids´ abyssmal (lack of) education did not even seem to be an issue in the minds´ eyes of my fellow Swedish factory workers. For they did not seem to think the subject was worth mentioning! 

So you see – these swine in human bodies were tormented by the thought that somebody - anybody – somewhere was making more money than they were. But the fact that their own kids were failing to get a decent education in the public schools – that did not bother them the least!

Such were my workmates´ priorities! Such were the mentalities, and the moral stature, of those “heroes of production” - the Swedish workers! The situation in the land of the Swedish Model is that bad. The Swedish Model´s enthusiastic supporters (and they are enthusiastic in a desperate, contrived sort of way) are moral lice.

So, I say – the Swedish Model belongs in the dustbin of history! Along with those other two “darlings” of socialism which the 20th century gave birth to - Nazism and Communism. We should all value justice instead of equality. And we should all value freedom instead of security. For it is a false and illusory equality, which consists of people making equal money for unequal production. And it is an equally false and illusory security, which one attempts to found on the quicksand of the policy of handing over one´s life to the state.

So wake up, you pathetic fools who constitute the clear majority of those semi-humans who populate modern Sweden! Otherwise you will one day wind up finally realizing that something is really, really wrong with the society you are stuck in – but that it is now too late to do anything about it!